Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Online Retailers

The scenario of product packaging undergoes frequent changes on a continuous basis. And thus, it is impossible for the online retailers to stay oblivious about what’s going on the packaging industry. The matter of fact is that online retailers need to be more concerned about the right packaging because all of their products need to be shipped in order to reach to the customers.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits flexible packaging can provide.

Better protection of products

According to a survey by Forrester research, online sales are expected to reach $500 billion by 2020 in United States. Although it is good news for the online retailers, they also need to expect some tougher business challenges which are going to be mostly related to product packaging. During shipping the only support a product can get is from the right packaging. If the packaging is unable to protect the product, the customer will receive a damaged item. Hence, it is going to be a perfect recipe for product returns and bad brand reputation.

Now, the good news is that you can protect your product with the help of flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is beneficial because of the following features:

  • Ability to keep the perishables fresh
  • Resistance against tear and puncture
  • Temper proof

Good news is that the flexible packaging made from FDA-approved materials, such as polyolefin shrink film, is also available. These types of flexible packaging are ideal for food packaging.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Another benefit of flexible packaging is that it is a cost effective solution. The flexible packaging is lighter in weight and it is not as expensive as its rigid counterparts. According to Flexible Packaging Association, packaging manufacturers have been able to reduce the weight of packages by 50% by using innovative materials in the preparation of the packages.

Another advantage of flexible packaging is that they do not require much space when they are transported. It means that you can load more packages or units in a shipment, reducing the need of more shipments in order to get all of the orders fulfilled. In the end, this packaging is going to be a huge cost saver.

Environmental friendliness

Another huge advantage of flexible packaging is that it can actually help in keeping the environment safe. The reason is that flexible packages are not composed of too many materials. Hence, they do not convert into huge amounts of packaging wastes. Moreover, these packages are usually sustainable. It means that they qualify fully to be used even after the products are used up. The extended usability of packaging ensures lower generation of packaging wastes.

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